Trail Di Sant'Appianu results

Trail Di Sant'Appianu : The results of 2022 edition are available. Find the complete ranking distance by distance: Positions, categories, times, speeds... You can also consult the list of winners and the complete ranking of previous editions.

Last event : 2022

  • Saturday, November 5, 2022 at 6:30 PM
  • Elevation gainย :ย 950mD+
  1. Guillaume Peretti
  2. Jacques Moretti
  3. Noel Giordano
  4. Titouan Honnart
  5. Anto Bicchi
  6. Flaviu Filidori
  7. Jean Francois Moretti
  8. Lisandru Muselli
  9. Corentin Fourni
  10. Franรงois Gelmini
  11. Fabien Olmeta
  12. Maxime Chouraqui
  13. Fred Callier
  14. Stephane Degiovanni
  15. Matis Ottavi Menager

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