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France ūüáęūüá∑, surrounded by seas and filled with mountains, offers infinite variety for runners. Each race offers a wealth of cultural discoveries and culinary surprises. The French are spoiled... only to choose from this rainbow ūüĆą!

Finally free! Do you have a week to spare? A few days to go running? Take your map ūüóļ of France, a good breath of air and let your mind wander. Whether for a road race, a trail or a walk, summer ūüĆě or winter ‚ĚĄÔłŹ, the choice is difficult ūü§®. In the worst case, you can throw a dice ūüé≤! Running in the city? Are you more of a Paris and its wonders, Lyon and its "petits bouchons" or Bordeaux and its wine ūüć∑? Or do you prefer the historical grandeur of France and dream of running alongside the most beautiful castles ūüŹį of the Hexagon... Ah, are you craving seaside? Brittany with its countless landscapes and inimitable atmospheres will delight you, unless you prefer the large expanses of sand offered by the Arcachon BasinMountains ‚õį to stuff yourself with endless oxygen? France is dotted with mountain ranges all as beautiful as each other. The Alps or the Pyrenees? The Jura, the Vosges or also the Massif Central can also be great playgrounds. Corsica, Martinique or Guadeloupe are extraordinary territories surrounded by the sea which will offer you unique running sensations. If you want soft-curved landscapes, you can turn to the C√©vennes or the Tarn, places where it is good to live. Where you can discover the flavours of P√©lardon and Chichoulet, two regional specialities... That's also part of running in France! The good news in all this is that whatever your choice, you will be happy! Wherever you go, your eyes and taste buds will be delighted ūüėć. We said spoiled.

You have finally chosen your destination? Are you more of a road racer, do you love the City of Lights, you have surely already noted in your diary the dates of the Schneider Electric Paris Marathon, the 20 km de Paris and the Harmonie Mutuelle Semi de Paris... Further south, the Marathon de Bordeaux Metropole, the Marathon de la Rochelle Serge Vigot and the sunny Marseille Cassis are hard for you to miss... If you prefer adventure, trails and elevation, some unmissable races exist in the trail calendar in France... The UTMB is well known to runners around the world, the Asics Saint√©Lyon (night race from city to city) is wildly successful, while the Festival des Templiers has been a delight since 1995. Walkers will also find their happiness. And if that's not enough, the calendar of walks in France, is here! Really. There's something for everyone and all audiences! Moreover, many races in France ūüáęūüá∑ think about your family and your children, like races in theme parks or costume races ūü¶ĻūüŹľ‚Äć‚ôÄÔłŹ.

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Calendar of races in France

Only one look at this calendar and you'll see all the races, trails and walks in France!
February 202420 races
March 2024182 races
April 2024194 races
May 2024288 races
June 2024321 races
July 2024140 races
August 202478 races
September 2024296 races
October 2024424 races