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Jurassic Park

Tired of the greenwashing? With the Jura, no joke about green 🌲. The massif, which gave its name in geology to the Jurassic 🦕 for its natural richness, spans the regions Grand-Est, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, and Bourgogne-Franche-Comté

OK, it might not reach the high altitudes of its neighbor, the Alps, but the Jura massif boasts over 7 peaks above 1500m in altitude. It's the perfect playground for fun and rejuvenation. No wonder it’s nicknamed the French Scandinavia; the area offers a calming ambience with beautiful stretches of ice-covered waters and an almost untouched nature. The climate is Nordic, mainly mountainous, and it can get quite rainy 🌧 at higher elevations. The peace and low population guarantee tranquility and hidden spots, unlike other French massifs. The local biodiversity is typical of a mountainous region, with chamois 🐐 and even some lynx... Some places are truly worth a visit 😍, like the waterfalls of the Ain river losses, the grand Colombier with its spectacular panorama, or the Joux forest that smells strongly of fir trees (no joke). Other spots? Mention the Gendarme's Hat and the Doubs jump. Several archaeological sites also dot this preserved territory. Take a walk on a rainy evening and you’ll reminisce about Spielberg’s film 🦖. Don’t panic, the area has comforting villages, ranked among the most beautiful in France. Make sure to visit for a stroll or a training session: Beaume-les-Messieurs is surrounded by cliffs, Château-Chalon is a gem nestled on a rock, while Saint-Claude is the pipe capital. Lively, bucolic, and pleasant places that will delight you without a doubt. Up for a thrill? The region offers winter activities like skiing or ice climbing. In summer, it’s quieter, with hiking and walking as the main activities. Craving something for your taste buds? The local specialty is cheese 🧀. You’ll find morbier, comté, gruyère, mont d’Or, Bleu de Gex... Peaks ⛰ not just in the landscape but also on your plate 🍽 !

And what about Trail running in the Jura? The most popular is the Transju’trail, which can host up to 1500 participants. Moreover, if you want to train before the big event, the Jura massif is full of options: the trail station Altitude 800, the trail area of the Pays des Lacs, or the Xavier Thévenard space in Metabief. Metabief itself hosts the annual Lamoura Trail du Mont d’Or, a top-notch event in honor of the famous mountain by the same name. If you love the pine and snow vibe, then go for theIzernore O’xyrace Jurassian White Trail or the Morez Mouthe White Trail, promising an immaculate decor. Perhaps venture into the Izernight, a nighttime race that takes place around Halloween 🎃! Road running in the Jura is also an option. Just sign up for the Marathon Pasteur Heart of the Jura to name just one.

The Jura is worth the trip. Promised, sworn!

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Calendar of races in Jura Mountains

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