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Great Scottish Run - Glasgow Half Marathon 2024

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The event in a few words

Set your sights on Scotland 🏴, and not just anywhere – head to the iconic city of Glasgow for two unmissable races 🙀. The Glasgow Half Marathon, also known as the Great Scottish Run, offers up not only a Half Marathon but a 10 km race as well! 🏃‍♀️ Thinking nothing special so far? But the city is just legendary and adds an incredible charm to an event like this ✨. Festive, cultural, welcoming, historic, Glasgow goes all out to ensure you have the best stay possible 😍. The start and finish are in the city center, where you're guaranteed an exceptional finish in the middle of Glasgow Green 🌳, an urban park that perfectly embodies the city's beauty 🌿. Ah, and the temperatures are unpredictable in October! 🌡️ One day, you might step out in your finest Scottish sweater to brace the cold 🧥, and then find yourself sweating like a salmon on a frying pan! 😂 But don't be fooled, rain always lurks nearby, ready to make its appearance at any moment! ☔ Refreshing news, right? 😉

This race is spectacular: the streets are bustling, spectators will cheer you on from both sides 🗣️, and numerous entertainment spots are set up 💃. The atmosphere is electric thanks to points like: Beats Boost, Power Thru, Pump It Up, Karaoke Kicks 🎶, it might not mean much now, but you'll be grooving all along the route! 🎷 Indeed, in Scotland, party vibes aren't limited to the pubs; the celebration spills out into the streets! 🎵 Some might be tempted to stop and dance, but hey! Remember, it's time to run! 💪

The Glasgow Half Marathon features an enriching route that crosses some of the city's most sought-after sites 🏙️. You'll get the chance to see Glasgow in a new light as you pass through picturesque neighborhoods, green parks, and historic monuments 🗽. Beyond the competition, take the opportunity to explore the city! Our little Finishers guide recommends: the Glasgow Cathedral ⛪ for neo-Gothic lovers, Merchant City for those looking for a shopping spree 🛍️, the Kelvingrove Art Gallery Museum 🎨 for art enthusiasts, Riverside Museum for those interested in the history 📚 of the city's transport 🚊, and West End, a charming bohemian neighborhood 🌈.

In addition to its competitive aspect, the Glasgow Half Marathon is also a chance to raise funds for local and national charities 🤝. Many runners choose to participate in this race with the goal of supporting causes close to their hearts, adding a layer of solidarity and generosity to the event. So, if you're inclined, feel free to join in on the causes offered! 👊

4 reasons to join this race

Exploring Scotland's Largest City 🏴
Yes, it's quite the feat! Glasgow holds a formidable reputation 💥. Throughout the course, you'll get to explore vibrant neighborhoods, iconic monuments, all in a lively and welcoming atmosphere! ⭐
Not Just Spectators, but Supporters! 🔥
All along the route, spectators come to cheer the runners on, making a huge difference in the vibe 🎉. At this point, they're not just spectators, but true supporters! They're all in to cheer you on, electrifying the race even more! 💣
Supporting a Charitable Cause 🙏
As we've mentioned before, by taking part in Glasgow's 10k or Half Marathon, you have the chance to join a local or national charity 🙌. Many runners participate to raise funds for these charitable causes. Everyone has their own reasons, but it’s always great to see a race that encourages supporting others! 🤛
Non-Stop Music! 🎸
No need for earphones to energize your Glasgow Half Marathon run! 🎧 Just keep your ears open, and you'll find that at every turn of the route, there are music bands or DJs ready to turn up the heat! 🥵 Just try not to swing too much. There’ll be plenty of time to party in the traditional pubs after giving your all in the race! 😎

A distance for every taste

  • Sunday, October 6, 2024 at 10:55 AM

    A few more words

    Your race will kick off at George Square, just like the 10 km! 📍 At the 2nd km mark, you'll cross the Kingston Bridge. Take a moment to enjoy the city view from the bridge and let the breeze freshen you up a bit as you get into your stride. Next, you'll make your way down West Street towards a karaoke zone! 🎶 Your fans might have stopped there to soak in the tunes! Like in the 10 km, a water station will be available around the 4th km 💧. The route up to the 6th km is fairly straight, helping you pick up some speed. Reaching Pollok Country Park 🌳, you'll have 3 km to enjoy the greenery before heading back towards the banks of Glasgow. You'll pass by Bellahouston Park 🍃 en route to Festival Park. All that's left is to cross the Clyde Arc and push through to the King V Bridge 🌁, crossing over to the south bank before heading up Clyde Street for an epic finish at Glasgow Green! 👊

    • Sunday, October 6, 2024 at 9:30 AM

      A few more words

      The race kicks off at George Square 🔊. You'll take off towards Saint Vincent Square for the first kilometer. After navigating a few streets, by the 3rd km, you'll cross the Kingston Bridge 🌉, one of the city's largest bridges. Your journey continues towards Scotland Street where you keep your adventure alive in the streets of Glasgow. 😎 At the 5th km mark, a water station awaits to quench your thirst 💦. Take this opportunity to hydrate well, as you'll have half of the race still ahead. Restrooms 🚾 are also available at this point. You'll then make your way up to cross the 7th km on the Clyde Arc ⚡, a famous bridge known for its intriguing incline. Once back to the starting riverbank, you'll stride along a long straight path before crossing over the King V Bridge 🤪. Barely setting foot on land, you'll head through the next bridge en route to Clyde Side, with just 1 km left to the finish line at Glasgow Green! 🏁


      Any more questions?

      No, however, there will be a sweep vehicle for those who fall significantly behind. This is to minimize the impact on road closures.

      Yes, it's not prohibited, but we strongly encourage you to soak up the race atmosphere instead.

      Yes, there will be. More information will be updated on the race website soon. Make sure to label your bag with your race number.

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