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Santa Eulària Ibiza Marathon 2025

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Santa Eulària Ibiza Marathon

The event in a few words

Been partying a bit too hard lately? 🤏 No wonder, you're in Ibiza! The most festive and vibrant island 🎉 of the Balearic Islands, and the largest of the Pityusic Islands... 🗾 However, you're now facing a significant issue: it's time to detox after so many nights of indulgence! 😂 We've found the perfect solution for you: the Ibiza Marathon 🏃. The best "recovery pill" you'll find on this Mediterranean gem 💎. And the bonus? You can choose from 3 different distances: the 12 km, for the party animals, the 21 km, for those who took a couple of days to recover, and the 42 km, for the more sensible among us 😌. You'll find that the Santa Eularia des Riu Ibiza Marathon (its full name 😉) is a must-do in the Spanish running scene 🇪🇦, known for its breathtaking beauty and its challenge. Want to know more? Let's dive in 👇. Let’s take a pill and run in Ibiza! 

This event takes place in spring 🌸, on the “Magic Island”, where everything is about fun and adrenaline 😛. This means you'll enjoy the best possible weather conditions: under a big sun with a pleasant breeze! 🌞🌬️ Oh, it already sounds like a delicious cocktail! 🍹 Just watch out for sunstroke! You'll need plenty of water 🥤 and mental strength to conquer these challenging races. Why? Well, for starters, the Ibiza marathon takes place in the mid-afternoon (at 3:30 PM) when the sun is still blazing 🥵. Staying hydrated is key! If you prefer a more laid-back experience, then the half-marathon or the 12 km race, starting at 5 PM and 5:45 PM respectively, might be more up your alley.

This aspect is particularly important, given the considerable effort required to complete your race. Indeed, the Ibiza Marathon unfolds on an extremely hilly, almost mountainous island ⛰️. The elevation gain is significant, so much so that the first half of your race will be uphill 📈 (from the port of Ibiza ⚓ to the town of Santa Gertrudis). Luckily for you, this marks the beginning of your return to the seaside 🌊, at Santa Eularia des Riu 🏁. The 30 km wall will be right in the middle of your descent towards the finish line 😳. This marathon is technical, demanding, hot, and challenging and requires good preparation 💪. The Ibiza Half Marathon, starting at Santa Gertrudis and finishing at the same location as the 42 km, is entirely downhill 📉, while the 12 km offers 2 ✌️ nice climbs (less intense and shorter than the marathon's, of course 😌).

This information should probably motivate the challenger in you to take on the experience 😜. And for those starting to get discouraged, know that besides being tough, the Santa Eularia des Riu Ibiza Marathon is also one of the most beautiful races in the Mediterranean 😍. Yes, with its succession of towns 🌆, nature 🌳 and seaside 🏖️, the competition offers a journey through the island's diverse atmospheres. It will allow you to see the pearl of the Balearic Islands from a different perspective! 👀 Having spent most of your time in the city's nightclubs, you'll be mesmerized by its stunning beauty and lush nature 🌴. In all, you'll pass through 3 different towns with the 42 km and 2 with the 21 km. In both cases, you'll reach the heights of Santa Eulària des Riu and enjoy breathtaking panoramas! 😍 Nature, towns, and the seaside… What more could you ask for? 🙄

The organizers, of course! ✋ This is Ibiza📍, so, as you can imagine, the races are far from dull. The locals, born partiers, are in their element! 🥳 Entertainment, such as bands 🥁, costumes 🦸‍♀️ and performances, are planned all along the courses. The residents will also lend you their fabulous energy by cheering you on, especially at Es Canar beach 🏝️ and in the picturesque town of Santa Gertrudis, "the island's most authentic area". You're sure to fall in love with its cobblestone streets and bright white houses! Otherwise, we're betting everything on the historic town of Santa Eulària, its castle 🏰 and its marina 🛥️. You wouldn't want to miss this chance to mingle with the locals, would you?

Plus, the locals have some tips for you. If you want to make the most of your trip to this oasis, start by trying the culinary specialties! 😋 A little paella after the race 🥘, how about that? And why not wash it down with a good sangria, while you're at it? But be careful, don't let anyone hear you asking for chicken in your dish! You're on an island, after all! You know what that means… Seafood is everywhere 🤩. Octopus 🐙, John Dory, grouper 🐟, and even red lobster… 🤤 Madre de Díos, it's delicious! 

When it comes to sightseeing, there's plenty to do 👏. You can visit Eivissa, a city over 2,600 years old and a UNESCO World Heritage site 🌏, where you'll get an unparalleled view of the port and old town. Those interested in diving into the island's history 📚 can head to Dalt Vila, where an ancient fortress sets a stunning medieval scene. Lastly, the clubbers 🕺 can hit up Sant Antoni de Portmany (San Antonio) for the best nightlife 🪩. As you can see, there's something for everyone on this island, and in this competition, thanks to the three distances offered. 

David Guetta can wait! 🎶 It's time to experience the vida loca at the Ibiza Marathon!

5 reasons to join this race

Technical Runs 👟
With an initial uphill section followed by a downhill, the Ibiza Marathon is a true rollercoaster experience. Naturally, such a course requires significant expertise and rigorous training 🥊. The same goes for the half marathon, which is exclusively downhill, demanding technical skills to save your ankles. We believe in you! 😉
The Challenge of a Sun-Soaked Marathon 😎
It's a formidable challenge: running a marathon in the afternoon under the blazing Mediterranean sun 🌊. It goes without saying, you'll need to proceed with caution and experience. Staying hydrated is key! If you can manage this, you'll have reached a new milestone 🧭 in your running career.
Moving from Town to Town 🏃‍♀️
From the port of Ibiza to Santa Eulalia des Riu, via Santa Gertrudis... You're going to see the country and a variety of landscapes during this competition, promising a rich tapestry of panoramas 🤩. Seize the opportunity: it's rare for marathons to avoid looping back! 🔄
The Crazy Atmosphere 🤪
Remember, this is Ibiza! 🥳 A glance at the photos from previous editions will show they didn't hold back on various entertainments. Costumes, bands, and performances are all part of the course, boosting your spirits and courage. What else did you expect on this island? 🤔
Discovering Ibiza Differently 👀
Did you know there are a plethora of sports activities to do in Ibiza? Yes, you might have guessed, given the island's coastal and mountainous geography! However, this aspect tends to be overshadowed by the major party events. Come and enjoy the azure waters, take flight and soar over stunning landscapes, or cycle along the seaside 👏.

A distance for every taste

  • Saturday, April 12, 2025 at 3:30 PM
  • 8,000+ runners in the last edition

A few more words

Ready to uncover the gem of the Balearic Islands? 🗾 Then, the Ibiza Marathon is calling your name, explorer 🤠.

Grab your cap, as you'll set off in the mid-afternoon (3:30 PM) 🥵 from the Paseo Marítimo de Port d'Eivissa ⛵, in Vila's area, which boasts an exceptional view over the historic city, the Dalt Vila castle, and the marina ⚓. Brace yourself, as it's not just the heat that'll test you, but also the challenging elevation changes along the way (hello, leg burn 🦵🔥).

Your journey will take you through the Camí Vell de Sant Mateu, a rural area that dramatically contrasts ⚡ with the city's rich and exuberant vibe. Hold tight, as this segment has the most significant elevation of the course 🥵. Indeed, from km 7, you'll start your climb to Santa Gertrudis, located at km 21. Talk about a strong start! However, you'll enjoy breathtaking panoramas for almost the entire first half of your run, which should inspire you to push beyond your limits 💪.

At Santa Gertrudis, the starting point of the half marathon, you'll begin the second half of your 42 km. Enter "the island's most authentic area" 🤌. The large white houses and pedestrian streets will undoubtedly capture your heart... 🥰

Enjoy it while you can, as you'll soon leave this sunny town 🌞 behind to gently descend towards the sea 🌊, starting from km 25. Along the way, admire the swathes of pine trees 🌲 that claim this rural part of the island. But don't get too distracted! You'll need to manage your descent well and prepare for the challenging 30 km mark.

Once back in town, specifically at Puig d'en Missa and in Santa Eulària des Riu, you'll hit the main roads that hug the coastline, cheered on by supporters 📣👏. Hopefully, their encouragement will fuel you for the final stretch: from Es Canar beach to Santa Eulària des Riu, the finish line 🏁.

Claim your Finisher's medal and bask in the Mediterranean views 🫶. And if you feel like diving in, the beach is just around the corner! 😜

  • Saturday, April 12, 2025 at 3:15 PM
  • 1,000+ runners in the last edition

A few more words

Half-marathon enthusiasts, get ready to dash through the 21km of Ibiza! 😊

The semi-marathon kicks off in Santa Gertrudis, a quintessentially traditional town brimming with charm on the island 🥰. You'll start off energized 🔋, meandering through the cobbled pedestrian streets and past the white houses. Thankfully, there's not much of an incline to tackle before you start your descent towards the seaside 🌊. Be cautious and take care of your ankles! ⚠️

Along the route, you'll be treated to views of pine forests 🌲 covering this rural part of the island, all while enjoying breathtaking panoramas 🤩. You'll then reach Puig d'en Missa, an iconic landmark of the island, before entering Santa Eulària des Riu through its main roads and along its coastlines. Then, you can push for the final sprint 🚀 leading to the finish line at the harbor 🛟, amid the cheers of the crowd 👏.

Now, let's hit the beach, it's right there! 🏖️

  • Saturday, April 12, 2025 at 5:15 PM
  • 1,000+ runners in the last edition

A few more words

12 km, this is the quaint distance of the Ibiza Marathon, perfect for the more modest runners 😇.

Like the full marathon, this race kicks off in Santa Eulària des Riu, more precisely, at Marina Santa Eulalia. This charming seaside town 💦 will serve as the picturesque backdrop for your challenge.

This loop through the town will first take you across wide, accessible streets and showcase some of the island's iconic spots 🌅. For instance, you'll encounter Platja d'Es Canar, Punta Arabí, and the promenade of Santa Eulària des Riu, which are must-see locations in Ibiza 📍.

Heads up ⚠️, two notable climbs are in store along the course. Brace yourself for a bit of an ascent... And to enjoy it, a rarity along the seaside! 😜


Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

  • For the marathon: €60 until June 10, 2024, €65 until July 10, 2024, €75 until December 10, 2024, €85 until March 12, 2025, then €100 after that date.

  • For the 22 km: €30 until June 10, 2024, €35 until July 10, 2024, €45 until December 10, 2024, €55 until March 12, 2025, then €70 after that date.

  • For the 12 km: €15 until June 10, 2024, €20 until July 10, 2024, €25 until December 10, 2024, €35 until March 12, 2025, then €40 after that date.

You can also register at the event on Friday, April 11, and Saturday, April 12, 2025, subject to availability.

Note: The registration fee does not include the mandatory RFEA (Royal Spanish Athletics Federation) license fee of €5.

You can pick up your race bib at the Santa Eulària Ibiza Marathon Runner’s Expo, held at the Congress Palace, on Friday, April 11, 2025, from 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM without interruption, and on Saturday, April 12, 2025, from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM. Last-minute bib pickup points are also available from 2:00 PM to 4:45 PM in Santa Gertrudis, near the starting line of the 22 km race.

  • For the marathon: the race starts on Saturday, April 12, 2025, at 3:30 PM from Ibiza Port.

  • For the 22 km: the race starts on Saturday, April 12, 2025, at 5:15 PM from Santa Gertrudis.

  • For the 12 km: the race starts on Saturday, April 12, 2025, at 5:15 PM from Marina Santa Eulària.

No medical certificate is required, but each runner who participates attests to being in good physical condition. By registering, the runner fully accepts responsibility for their health, acknowledging they are in excellent health to participate:

I am in good health to participate in the Santa Eulària Ibiza Marathon. Furthermore, I release the organizers, sponsors, and participating institutions from any liability for any accident or injury that may occur before, during, and/or after the event, waiving any legal action against any of these entities. During the competition, I will contribute as much as possible to avoid personal accidents.

Hydration stations and hydration/food stations will be located every 5 km.

Participants must be at least 18 years old on the day of the race.

  • For the marathon: 5 hours 30 minutes.

  • For the 22 km: 3 hours.

  • For the 12 km: 2 hours.

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Santa Eulària Ibiza Marathon
Santa Eulària Ibiza Marathon
Santa Eulària Ibiza Marathon
Santa Eulària Ibiza Marathon
Santa Eulària Ibiza Marathon
Santa Eulària Ibiza Marathon
Santa Eulària Ibiza Marathon
Santa Eulària Ibiza Marathon
Santa Eulària Ibiza Marathon
Santa Eulària Ibiza Marathon
Santa Eulària Ibiza Marathon
Santa Eulària Ibiza Marathon
Santa Eulària Ibiza Marathon

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