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Exploring the Blue Lake

Born 18,000 years ago from the melting of glaciers, Lake Annecy is, let's be clear, one of the most stunning natural spotof France ! A true postcard landscape, this 30 square kilometer lake has everything to charm: crystal-clear waters, beaches for lounging, mountains for hiking, architectural treasures... Follow us in big strides, we're taking you to visit Lake Annecy!

Quick, lace up your sneakers and join us in Haute-Savoie for an adventure in one of the most beautiful places in the country 🇫🇷! But just a heads up, you won't have time to see everything, so either plan for a month-long vacation in the area... Or you'll have to make some tough choices 🤷‍♂️.

Naturally, your escapade will start in... Annecy! The largest city by the lake, but rest assured, Annecy is above all a human-sized city where life is good. With its canals, old town, and monuments, there's plenty to do! After exploring Old Annecy, head out to discover architectural and natural treasures scattered around the lake... For example, the Château de Menthon Saint-Bernard or the one in Duingt! If you're feeling brave, dive in and swim to Swan Island, a green haven home to numerous birds.

Then, you can recharge with some greenery in the Roc de Chère Natural Reserve or the Bout du Lac d'Annecy National Nature Reserve, both fantastic playgrounds for running. You can also gain some elevation with lake viewpoints like Crete for example, before cooling down near the Angon Waterfall.

After all that, you've definitely earned a refreshing break and some refueling at one of the lake's beaches. We recommend those at Marquisats, Brune, Talloires, or Doussard. From there, you can opt for one of the many water activities offered on the lake...

If you're still looking for more challenges, nature, and mountains, don't worry, we've got what you need with the surrounding mountains, whether it's winter or summer. You can hike (or run 😅) through the Dents de Lanfos, Parmelan, climbing the mounts Veyrier and Baron and la Tournette at 2,350 meters. If you still have the energy, you can also tackle the Massif des Bauges a bit further west (which hosts the Trail du Laudon, by the way). The Massif des Aravis is also a must-see in the region... It's up to you if you still have the stamina to take it on 🤷‍♀️.

And there you might be wondering... You're looking for a great race around Lake Annecy! Know that the calendar is packed, you will definitely find something that suits you between the Trail Blanc du Semnoz which dresses up in white every year for a unique race in the mountains, the Trail des Glaisins, the Urban Race Seynod, the Vitalavie or even the Annecy half marathon.

You get it, there's plenty of action around the Lake with all these great events 🔥.

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