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Rome Half Marathon (Roma-Ostia) 2024

« Italy's most popular half marathon! »
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Vincenzo Petitta

The event in a few words

Rome - Ostia... The crowd goes wild before the starting whistle! The excitement hits its peak in the Italian capital 🇮🇹! After witnessing this, one can die in peace! Football ⚽️? No, today we're not talking about the beautiful game but rather about running, specifically about the Rome-Ostia Half Marathon! 🏃‍♂️

Rome - Ostia... This is no ordinary Roman derby, but a half marathon! Starting from the EUR district (Esposizione Universale di Roma) in Rome and finishing by the seaside, in the beach resort of Ostia, this 21 km race is organized annually in March, for nearly 50 years now! To kick off your road racing season in style, there's no better choice than this half marathon, with optimal conditions ! Expect dry and mild weather. In the Lazio region, it's sunny almost all year round ☀️! Plus, the course is relatively flat, so you might even break your personal record 🕦 ! In fact, the Rome-Ostia has been the fastest half marathon in Italian history, with no fewer than 6 runners finishing in under an hour. And in 2022, the second-best global time of the year was recorded between Rome and Ostia. Now, that sets a high bar for a half marathon. 😮

Uno, due, tre… Off we go! Your race will start in the EUR district, south of Rome. Less known to tourists, this district built by Mussolini is nonetheless rich in historical insights 🏛. Indeed, Mussolini aimed to showcase fascist ideology through this area. Therefore, he had modern and futuristic buildings constructed, along with green spaces 🌳, all connected to the city center by the Via Cristoforo Colombo. And precisely, it's this main road of Rome you'll follow for 17 km, not to head into Rome's center but to run all the way to Ostia, the closest beach resort to the eternal city. Crossing the finish line, you'll be greeted by the sight of the sea 💦 ! Tempted for a dip? Unless you're in for a bit of cryotherapy, we advise against swimming, the water's at 14°C... Remember, it's March! 😬

Monuments, sea views... It almost sounds like a touristic stroll ! But make no mistake, the Rome Half Marathon is also a real sporting challenge 💪! To prove it, some of the world's greatest athletes have run this half marathon! The British athlete, Stephen Henry Jones, known for running the Chicago marathon in just 2 h 8 min 05 s (world record in 1984), has also participated in the Rome half marathon! So, ready to break records following the footsteps of champions?

So, what's next after all that? If you're already familiar with Rome, then Ostia is where you should be heading 🧳! Just 30 km from Rome's center, Ostia is THE beach resort of Rome! It might be tough to sunbathe in March, but Ostia is quite the lively town! For instance, you could visit the Ostia Theater. Built during the reign of Augustus, at the end of the 1st century BC, this theater could accommodate up to 2,500 spectators for various performances! To fully immerse yourself in the dolce vita, you can rent a Vespa 🛵 and explore the village of Torvaianica with its sandy beaches and dunes! And (saving the best for last 😋) you can also savor the specialties of Lazio in the many restaurants of Ostia. Pasta alla Zozzona, Gnocchi alla Romana or the essential pizzas, accompanied by a little Spritz on a terrace... What more could anyone ask for?

So, don't forget your running shoes and your best Italian accent (pro tip: watch Verratti's interviews)... And get ready for a big race !

The distance you'll all agree on

  • Sunday, March 3, 2024 at 9:00 AM
  • Elevation gain : 155mD+
  • 4,000+ runners in the last edition

A few more words

21.0975 km… That's the distance that awaits you if you embark on the adventure that is the Rome Half-Marathon!️ 21 km of pure joy, exploring the EUR district on a flat course. Perfect to see if your interval training sessions have paid off! 🏃‍♂️

The race starts at the PalaLottomatica, an arena hosting a variety of events. From there, you'll set off to discover the EUR district. In the first few kilometers, you'll run through the EUR Central Park with its artificial lake, fountains, and Japanese cherry trees. Then, you'll head onto Via Cristoforo Colombo, which you'll follow for 17 km all the way to Ostia. And finally, in your last kilometers, you'll catch glimpses of the Mediterranean Sea, cheered on by the supporters and volunteers who've come out in large numbers for the event!

Andiamo! (to be pronounced with the accent from… oh, we've already made that joke 🤭)


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