Rome Marathon: How to Sign Up?

Each country has its own set of regulations regarding running events, and we totally get it if you often find it all a bit confusing... If you're looking to participate in the Rome Marathon and you're a bit lost with the registration process, this article will answer all your questions!

In Italy, foreign runners are not required to have a medical certificate to sign up for a running race 🏃. However, this varies depending on the type of race you choose! Indeed, in the land of mozzarella 🤌, there are two categories. This is the case for the Rome Marathon which offers a classification of "competitive" and "non-competitive" types. We'll give you all the details you need to ensure your registration goes perfectly smoothly and that you're never again lost in Italian bureaucracy 🗃, even for your other races! 😇

Competitive Races 🏆

The Italian Athletics Federation has established a simple and affordable system for foreign athletes to participate in running events in their country. In fact, you will need to sign up for the RunCard (by clicking here 👈). This is a license costing 15€, valid for 1 year from the date of purchase 📆. The card is in digital format. You must provide a medical certificate in addition to the RunCard.

This system allows you to benefit from insurance ⛑, included in the price of the card, in case of injuries resulting from running activities 🚑. If you are of Italian nationality 🇮🇹, you will be directly registered in the "competitive" category. By running in this group, you earn the right to have a position in the final ranking with other runners and the elite 🥇.

Non-Competitive Races 🎖

If you wish to sign up for a "non-competitive" category, it's very easy! 🤓 No need for a RunCard, nor a medical certificate. You will simply have to submit a liability waiver at the time of bib collection, on site, in Rome. This document will be sent to you via email a few days or weeks before the race 📧. By filling out and signing this form, you certify your good physical health at the start of the race 💪.

There's no major difference with the "competitive" category: you will start in the same starting corral, your time ⌚ will be officially recorded, and you will appear in the final ranking 🏅 of the race. However, you won't know your position, you won't have a ranking and thus can't claim any prize 🎁 if you make it to the podium 😓.

Was it really that simple? 😳

If we've done our job right, everything should now be clearer for you! 😉 You can now proceed more serenely with your registration for the Rome Marathon 📋. Note that this information is valid for all races in Italy 😁.


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