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Milano21 (Half-Marathon in Milan) 2024

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The event in a few words

Are you familiar with Milan, the major city in Northern Italy 🇮🇹, known for its elegance and charm? 😏 If not, hurry up and register for the Milano21 race, taking place in the heart of the Lombard capital 🏁. It's the perfect opportunity to explore Lombardy and all the cultural wonders Milan has to offer! 💫 You'll soon realize there's more to Milan than fashion and football (calcio), and understand why locals love their city so much. So what's the deal with this race?

Two city courses, on road, are available: a 10 km circuit and another 21 km one, the Milan half-marathon 🏃. These courses are set to be incredibly fast 🚀. You'll be zooming through the streets of Milan! ⚡️ But not necessarily in a rush ✋: the 10 km comes in both timed or untimed versions, and we love that! Some will be focused on their performance ⏱, others can enjoy the breathtaking monuments along the way 👀.

And they will be plenty, in Milan, standing in front of the elegant and unforgettable cathedral, Il Duomo! Lombardy's largest and economically strongest city also houses other historical treasures 🥰: check out the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II or the Last Supper museum ! 🖼 The latter holds some of the Italian cultural gems, including the famous fresco by Andrea del Sarto... Go check them out, it will make you feel as light as a feather as you start the race! 🪶

Lombardy has more to offer than Milan, Bergamo or Brescia, the home city of Roberto Baggio ⚽. Enough with the football references, promise ! 😂 Let's focus on something else: the mountainous areas make up over 40% of Lombardy's territory 🏔️. It's a paradise for nature lovers to find their perfect spot quickly! Not venturing as far as the Dolomites, the Orobie Bergamasche Park, in the north of Lombardy, is home to la Spedla, the highest peak of the Alps in this region, sitting at 4,000 meters above sea level 😮‍💨. The northern region of Italy is also famed for its hundred lakes, including Lake Garda and Lake Como, the two most well-known (and most beautiful 💙).

So, what do we say to the Milan half-marathon? Avanti!

4 reasons to join this race

A Visit to Milan's True Cathedral? ⛪
This might sound like a joke, but... for some, Milan's real cathedral is San Siro! 😭 The grand stadium, hosting both Milan and Inter matches every weekend, is famed for its atmosphere and stunning architecture. It's worth it for soccer fans ⚽️ to check out the Serie A schedule before heading to Milano21... A two-for-one delight 👏.
A Detour to Bergamo 🚗
Since we're talking football, why not take a detour through Bergamo, another beautiful Lombardy city that shines not just for its team (Atalanta to those in the know)... and its cobblestone old town! 🫶
Because We Just Can't Help It... 🍕
An essential stop when visiting Italy, a fantastic meal awaits you in Lombardy, which boasts a plethora of specialties 🍝. Starting with polenta (though maybe skip it right before the race if you want to keep moving 😂). A hearty, mountainous dish. Milanese cutlet, risotto, minestrone, the choice is yours. And if you're undecided, you can surrender to another Italian habit: let the chef advise you... Eating is a religion here; you'll never be disappointed with this approach! 🤌
Everyone at Their Own Pace 🐢
The organizers had the great idea of offering a non-timed race for participants, not all of whom are focused on performance. An initiative that's becoming increasingly common on the circuit and is something we're excited to support. For the joy of it all! 🥳

Any more questions?

Here's what your registration includes:

  • race bib

  • timing chip

  • goody bag with official gadgets and sponsor products

  • post-race refreshments

  • sponging stations along the course and at the finish

  • access to toilets

  • parking

  • insurance

  • finisher medal

  • downloadable finisher certificate

  • technical and medical assistance

Race bibs can be collected on:

  • Friday, November 22, 2024, from 3 PM to 7 PM at the Expo Village

  • Saturday, November 23, 2024, from 10 AM to 7 PM at the Expo Village

  • Sunday, November 24, 2024, from 7 AM to 8:15 AM at the Expo Village

  • For the 21 km "competitive" race: starts on Sunday, November 24, 2024, at 9 AM on Via Arona

  • For the 10 km "competitive" race: starts on Sunday, November 24, 2024, at 9 AM on Via Arona

  • For the 10 km "non-competitive" race: starts on Sunday, November 24, 2024, after the "competitive" races on Via Arona

Italian athletes and foreign residents in Italy who are members of clubs affiliated with FIDAL can compete starting from the junior category (18-19 years old) up to the senior/master M/F category (35/39 years old and subsequent age groups). For the competitive 10 km race, student athletes (16-17 years old) can also participate. For the non-competitive 10 km race, registration starts from 13 years old.

To be officially classified:

  • As foreign athletes, you must be registered with your country's Athletics Federation affiliated with WA

  • Foreign athletes from the European Union must provide authorization from their Federation to compete abroad and a residency permit or visa

  • You can also sign up for a RUNCARD (at https://www.runcard.com/) to be officially classified (pay attention to the card's expiration date). This card, valid for 1 year, allows you to participate in Italian races and be classified.

For registration without affiliation or RUNCARD:

  • Athletes affiliated with a WA foreign Federation, not registered by their federation, club or association must sign a self-certification attesting to the adherence

  • Lack of affiliation or RUNCARD will not entitle you to be officially classified. However, you can still participate in non-competitive events.

Note that non-competitive races (without rankings) do not grant the right to awards, cash prizes, vouchers, premiums, engagements, or reimbursements of any kind.

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